If you, or your company, are looking for promotion with great exposure then look no further than Silver. Every company wants their name to seen and recognised, the most important part is remembering the company's name.

With your company embossed on silvers costume , silver guarantees crowds and a lot of interaction, interest and maximum exposure. With timed performances people always come back for more.

Modern shopping centres are the perfect setting for Europeís no1 in human robotics, to entertain and amaze the public. From starting amongst other shop window manikins , the odd movement catches peoples eye and in no time a crowd has gathered standing be (amused) mused , unsure if itís real or not.

From the starting point silver moves outside and starts to move outside and starts to interact to peoples amazement. A visual delight that has blown people away from many years.

Silver doing a robotic walkabout is 2nd to none for impact and entertainment in any situation.

Slowsilverman - Slowsilverman - Human Robotics - Street Dance - Robotic Dancer

  Silver underwater   Silver doing Festival Show in Edinburgh's High Street   Silver doing Festival Show in Edinburgh's High Street