An old school originator of street robotics, Silver has developed his show over 25 years from street dance to promotional events, installations to shows on the international stage.

Taking influences from such diverse sources as contemporary mime, body popping, robotics and physical theatre his winning blend of audience interaction and improvisation has combined to produce the show you see today.

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Silver’s show has been recognised as one of the most original and engaging theatrical shows on the circuit and is accessible to all audiences through its universal physical comedy.

With performances as far afield as Hong Kong, Singapore, Chicago, and Melbourne as well as most major European cities and festivals around the world his unique show has entertained and enthralled thousands.

Slowsilverman - Slowsilverman - Human Robotics - Street Dance - Robotic Dancer

  Festival show on Edinburgh's High Street   Silver kissed by Giselle   Silver doing Festival Show in Edinburgh's High Street  
  Silver comes across a stiff balloon   Giselle pesters Silver for a kiss at the opening of Louis Vuitton in Hong Kong.   This empty suitcase is HEAVY!